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Whispers of Cader Idris: An Emotional Landscape Painting


In this artistic endeavour, I embark on a journey to create a small yet powerful study piece that encapsulates the essence of Cader Idris for my client. Having paid the design fee, my client and I are collaborating to ensure that this initial painting resonates with her emotions and memories, as well as my own personal feelings and experiences while recently climbing the mountain. Through the utilisation of sketches, photographs, and our shared connection to Cader Idris, I aim to bring forth a captivating artwork that serves as a personal keepsake. Upon her approval, we plan to upscale this work onto a larger canvas, magnifying the impact of our emotional connection to this remarkable mountain.

Study and References:

Next week, as I begin the study piece, I will immerse myself in the vivid recollection of my recent climb up Cader Idris. Drawing upon my own personal feelings and experiences, I will translate those profound emotions onto the canvas. The study piece allows me to explore composition, colour palettes, and techniques, using sketches and photographs as references for both my client's and my own recollections. By intertwining our shared emotions and personal connections, I aim to create a truly evocative and resonant emotional landscape painting.

The Power of Small:

While the study piece will be smaller in size, it carries immense significance as a personal keepsake for both my client and me. Its intimate dimensions invite a closer and more personal engagement, allowing us to relive and share the emotional impact of Cader Idris at an intimate level. This smaller painting becomes a testament to the profound connection we both share with the mountain, evoking powerful emotions each time we gaze upon it.

Upscaling the Work:

Once the study piece is complete, I will present it to my client, sharing the personal feelings and experiences that inspired its creation. If the painting successfully resonates with her emotions and memories, as well as my own, we will proceed to upscale the work onto a larger canvas. By expanding the dimensions, we amplify the visual impact and create a commanding presence that truly honours our collective emotional journey and significance of Cader Idris.


Through the creation of a study piece that draws inspiration from sketches, photographs, and our shared personal connections, "Whispers of Cader Idris: An Emotional Landscape Painting" takes its initial form. As an intimate keepsake, this small painting becomes a profound reminder of the emotions and memories tied to Cader Idris, both for my client and myself. By intertwining our shared experiences and personal feelings, we embark on a journey to upscale this work, magnifying its impact and allowing us to fully immerse ourselves in the grandeur and emotional resonance of this cherished landscape.


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