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Breakthrough Fear

Breakthrough Fear

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you've ever wanted
is on the other side of fear

I get to live out my dreams
and live a life of abundant value



You discover your purpose
and serve that mission


My mission is to inspire you to live the life you really want. My mission is greater than my art.

I discovered my mission or my purpose,
by looking at what I was meant to learn from two specific moments in my life.

They continue to shape my mission today.

The video short above, is definitely NOT
a mission statement!

artist Osian Gwent infront of a large landscape painting by Osian Gwent

Thank you, Osian. I really enjoyed and felt inspired by our conversation! My motivation and energy are up and your story is profound and says a lot about  how you have and are “walking your talk”, how you are that empowered identity. I love “enjoying the delights of overcoming the impossible” and your mission really does ignite, call out so many of us who have given our power away and not kept self-honoring boundaries to reclaim and rebuild the magnificence of who we really are living “an extraordinary life of abundant value”. 

Havi Brysk Mandell Nevada USA

Mountain range

I live to inspire others 
inspire others...

to livE


Latin to breathe or blow into



'ruach' - breath

Image by Markus Spiske

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Osian Gwent business owner, mentor and artist

I live to inspire others
and I inspire
others to live 

Osian Gwent

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