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Osian Gwent business owner, mentor and artist

Register Provenance

Chances are, you are on this page to register your new purchase. Firstly, may I take the opportunity to thank you for your support. May I also congratulate you on becoming one of my elite VIPs. I feel very affirmed and validated by collectors like you, who desire to own my work.

I want you to experience a unique value that goes above and beyond my art when you join my exclusive club of elite collectors. Part of that experience is helping you to protect your investment by establishing provenance and safeguarding against fraud.

When you have completed the registration below, I will issue you a Certificate of Authenticity, which you can use as a record for insurance and proof of ownership.

Every piece of work I have ever produced is meticulously recorded in my archive, with a detailed record of the following:

  • Image file

  • Title: xxxx

  • Inventory number e.g. 001073

  • Size (h w d): 36 x 62.7 cm

  • Medium: e.g. Oil On Canvas

  • Subject Matter: e.g. Seascape

  • Type: Painting / Signed Limited Edition Fine Art Print

  • Price e.g. £1,700.00

  • Creation Date: June 2021

  • Collections: Art by Osian July 2021

  • A written description with notes

  • Signature info: e.g. Osian bottom right / Osian Gwent 2021 on the back

  • Status e.g. sold, NFS, available

    I will issue you a Certificate of Authenticity that collates all the above data for you. On the back of your artwork, you will find a tamper proof holographic label with a unique six digit serial number e.g. 001073. Do not attempt to remove this label. If you do, you will VOID the label.

    Please fill in the registration data below and send to me. I will require your personal details, the title of the work and the six digit serial number on the back.

    I will then post your Certificate of
    Authenticity to you at the earliest opportunity.



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To register your artwork please take the time to fill out the information below, and I will gladly post to you, your Certificate of Authenticity.

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