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When we have risen, we feel in movement, in flow, on purpose. We feel in sync with the constant change in the world and its balancing elements of water, earth, wood, metal, fire, and air.

Moreso, when we have risen, we feel above metal and supported by wood, having been below, willing to go deep again.

We are potential energy ablaze at every angle including through darkness.

We recognise there is potential good in everything, yet not everything at all times is for our detailed attention.

A little abstraction allows us to adhere to the peace and joy we choose to stretch into.

Looking at ‘Risen’ is like striking a cool match, sipping a quenching grace, embracing a ventilating cwtch*.

Sometimes, all we need is a little reminder and support, a visual anchor painted by an artist who cares to raise himself and to lift us, and we can re-enter the empowering state of feeling ‘Risen’.

*Welsh for cuddle / safe cubbyhole

I love to watch the genesis of each new day. A beautiful sunrise fills me with a renewed sense of of awe and hope as the light slowly emerges above the horizon. The approaching of daylight fills me with the joy of the moment and the anticipation of an amazing day ahead, full of opportunity and great expectations. As I look at these paintings, I am transported back to that moment and place of serenity and peace. My hope for you, is to be inspired to truly live this new day that you have been given.


SKU: 001070
    • Size (h w d): 100 x 120 x 4 cm
    • Medium: Oil On Canvas
    • Subject Matter: Landscape, sunrise
    • Type: Painting
    • Framed Size (h w d): 114 x 134 x 6 cm
    • Price £6,000.00
    • Creation Date: c. 2021
    • Inventory Number: 001070


    Signature info:
    Signed Osian bottom front right.
    Signed Osian Gwent 2021 on the back of the canvas.

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