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Tomorrow is not a guarantee. All we have is now. Live in the moment. Enjoy the moment. The present 🎁 of the moment is a gift 💝.

ILLUMINATION is my latest and most expensive work to produce. It took 32 days to complete. And here it hangs in the gallery waiting for its frame.

When there isn’t a sunrise currently in your life, allow ILLUMINATION to fill you with a resolute feeling of hope, that the light will return, as sure as day follows night.


I began this painting during a heatwave in July 2021. Without meaning to, I realised I had transferred that subconscious heat into the painting. I had no preconception about this painting.

My job was to turn up each day. Read the painting. Listen to the painting. It would suggest to me what to do next. I had to be prepared to sacrifice the previous day’s work and enjoy the journey where this work was taking me.

As you can see, the painting went through several transformations during this process. The painting was completed 1st September 2021 when it had nothing more to say.


I worked entirely on this painting during this 32 day period. Often painting for 6-8 hours a day. I glazed on each layer of paint. There are hundreds of layers of glazing on this painting. Something about this painting took up my entire focus.

Illumination's final request was to cover the entire canvas with a clear resin pour. The resin added more clarity of colour and softened transitions between colours. It truly makes it pop. Illumination literally illuminates your heart!

The buyer of this piece will receive digital a documatation of recordings and photographs taken during the process. 


    • Size (h w d): 122 x 122 x 4 cm
    • Medium: Oil On Canvas
    • Subject Matter: Landscape, sunrise
    • Type: Painting
    • Price Â£6,000.00
    • Creation Date: c. July 2021


    Signature info:
    Signed Osian bottom right
    Osian Gwent 2021 on the back of the canvas

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