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In any happy-ending story, just over three quarters of the way through, there is a moment that seems to be a dilemma which is actually an opportunity to act more true to ourselves than we have been before.


The opportunity is golden. The decision is world changing. The action is triumphant. And this painting elevates us into the wealth of this moment.


Whatever our previous stories and their endings, happiness is staring us in the face – captured in this artwork in bold while soothing colours, strokes, and blends.

Gold, green, and orange; with flecks of rainbow, black, and brown; also blue sky peeping through: for your heart to heal, ignite, and glow.


Hanging ‘Golden Opportunity’ is like wearing a smile on your wall.

Rebirth your joy and nourish your peace before this painting, and show you and the world how amazing you can be.


'Golden Opportunity' is now beautifully framed courtesy of Welsh Framing Supplies.

I have given it this title, because the start of each new day presents us with another Golden Opportunity, to grasp life, rise above our circumstances and live each day to the full.


I get up early each morning to catch the foundation of each new day. I observe the darkness giving way to twilight. The sound of birds welcoming in the cool fresh air, as sure as day follows night. The crowning glory for me, is that initial glimmer of sunlight, breaking through across the horizon. It fills me with hope. I feel empowered, triumphant and ready to meet each golden opportunity with great expectation.




SKU: 001071
    • Size (h w d): 100 x 120 x 3 cm
    • Medium: Oil On Canvas
    • Subject Matter: Landscape, sunrise
    • Type: Painting
    • Framed Size (h w d): 114 x 134 x 6 cm
    • Price £6,000.00
    • Creation Date: 2021
    • Inventory Number: 001071

    Signature info:
    Signed Osian bottom front right.
    Signed Osian Gwent 2021 on the back of the canvas.



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