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Welsh Artists solo show in the nation’s parliament

Updated: Nov 17, 2021

The expressive art of Welsh artist and painter Osian Gwent recently featured in a solo exhibition at the National Assembly for Wales.

Osian’s exhibition sponsored by Assembly Member Russell George took place from July – November 2019. The exhibition showcased a selection of his larger canvasses.

Osian studied painting at Newport and Cheltenham schools of fine art. After this, he continued further studies in Oxford and Bath. For 21 years, he lived overseas both in Asia and America. Finally, Osian returned to Wales in 2016 to establish himself as a full-time Welsh artist.

In 2018, he was approached by the National Library of Wales with a request to archive his work. He has since exhibited his work in London at the Welsh Contemporary Artists Exhibition. Similarly, he exhibits around the region.

In January 2019, he opened Art by Osian. A Welsh artists studio and gallery on Short Bridge Street in Llanidloes. The art gallery is open Monday to Saturday from 10 am – 4 pm. Private appointments outside these hours are welcome.

His work is to be curated later next year for an exhibition in Derry, Northern Ireland. Consequently, Osian will be visiting the region seeking inspiration for his new body of work. He plans to merge both the Irish and Welsh landscapes into his future paintings. Thus, creating a sense of unity and therefore, something the two regions share in common.

Senedd exhibition for Welsh artist, Osian Gwent

Mr George added, “I would like to thank Osian for exhibiting his work at the Senedd. Therefore, I was delighted to welcome him to Cardiff Bay by inviting him to see his work on display”.

“He is an incredibly talented artist and painter. It was my pleasure to be able to facilitate the exhibition by showcasing the work of a living Welsh artist and painter from mid-Wales. I would encourage everyone to take the opportunity to visit his studio and gallery in Llanidloes.

He has an excellent selection of modern and contemporary artwork on show.” Russell George

Osian Gwent added: “First of all, I am thankful for this opportunity to add a little colour to the corridors of power. Secondly, I am extremely grateful to Russell George AM. His support and encouragement of the arts in Wales and Welsh artists, in general, is invaluable.

“In addition, I would like to thank the members of the Welsh Assembly staff who also help Welsh artists. They helped to facilitate and coordinate this solo exhibition.”

Osian Gwent Welsh artist and painter

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