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My new sales assistant is eager to show you what is inside the box. Tia, my 9 year old Chihuahua x Jack Russell rescue, has been with me for almost 5 weeks. She has been a light to my soul. I couldn't imagine life without her now. To me, she is the perfect companion. The bond is so amazing, considering her previous life. She had a tough start in life fending for herself on the streets. Hence, she can be dog responsive and her survival personality kicks in. Having said that, I have seen some encouraging improvements with her socialisation. And we continue to work on this each and every new day.

As a friend and companion, Tia is wonderful. She is family now and we are inseparable. I love it that she is more than happy to be my side while I work. Today for instance, she stepped in as the perfect assistant in my promo video highlighting the new Home and Living page on my site. This page is where you can buy affordable luxury works of art as merchandise gifts that are ideal for home and living. I have teamed up with a reproduction company to bring you an exclusive line that can only be found on and nowhere else. So they truly are exclusive little luxury works of art. I recently ordered a few samples to test both the quality and logistics. I can report that I am delighted with the reproduction integrity, product quality and logistics. And as for my new sales assistant - well she is just so adorable!

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