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Original Welsh art for sale by Osian Gwent

Updated: Nov 17, 2021

Art by Osian opened for business in January 2019. The art gallery is in the centre of Llanidloes. Osian creates expressive, original Welsh landscape art paintings for sale. Osian’s paintings sell throughout the U.K. as well as international sales to North America, Europe and Asia.

“I would encourage everyone to take the opportunity to visit his studio and gallery in Llanidloes to view a selection of his modern and contemporary artwork” Russell George Assembly Member for Wales

Osian’s original Welsh landscape art paintings are both contemporary and expressive. His landscape oil paintings are about Wales which is where he mainly gets his inspiration from. He is a prolific artist and produces several paintings a week. His work is constantly evolving. In addition, he explores news ideas that often develop during the painting process. He will often explore this as a theme within a body of new work.

Osian exhibits locally as well as throughout the region. Recently, he held a solo exhibition of Welsh landscape art paintings for sale at the Welsh Assembly in Cardiff.

Solo exhibition at The Senedd (Welsh Assembly) Cardiff. Pictured with Assembly Member Russell George.

Landscape paintings about Wales

Sales have been good all year round. The best week of the year saw 12 original Welsh landscape art paintings for sale across the world. The most bizarre sale occurred during the summer. Having lived in Atlanta GA for 12 years, I was most surprised to sell an original landscape painting to a couple from Staffordshire who now live in Atlanta just a few streets away from my former home!

The gallery has been busy with the sale of original Welsh landscape art in the lead up to Christmas. By the same token, buyers and collectors have gone for more contemporary landscape paintings.

In 2020 there will be an opportunity to exhibit in London once again as well as exhibiting for the first time in Derry Northern Ireland later next year. Consequently, the ideas for the latter exhibition are to integrate landscape paintings of Wales and Northen Ireland.

Original Welsh art for sale

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