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New gallery in Wales

Updated: Nov 17, 2021

Two weeks ago, an opportunity to open a new gallery in Wales with a working studio came up for grabs. Art by Osian will be featuring the recent work of Powys based Welsh artist Osian Gwent, deep in the heart of mid-Wales.

Celf gan Osian / art by Osian

As one door was closing another was opening, which promptly shut again. Much to my disappointment “. Life wouldn’t be life without a few deviations

In April 2018, the lease on my former studio and gallery in Aberystwyth came to an end. I enjoyed working by the sea but the two-hour commute was the least favourite part of the day. Not so bad in the summer but a drag during short winter days.

I had inside information that a commercial building close to home was about to become vacant. The timing and the location couldn’t be more perfect. Thus, I could move from one building into another. Secretly, I had been keeping my eye on this particular building as a potential new gallery in Wales for the previous 12 months. Therefore, I put my name forward as soon as I heard it was available. However, to my disappointment, someone beat me to it.

expressive • contemporary • modern art

Plan and prepare

In short, I now had to work from home. Not ideal by any means but I made the best of the situation. I converted the main bedroom into very a presentable studio, even down to the display and the lighting. The rest of the house became the new Welsh gallery I was yearning for.

Thus, I got on with life and painting whilst keeping an eye open for further opportunities.

Some say it’s luck. Others, it’s meant to be. To which I reply; it may be both but it’s really about planning and preparation meeting opportunity.

Summer’s treat was travelling and painting around Italy for three weeks.

Before long, Autumn was knocking on the door. I then headed out of Wales for Christmas and New year. On my return, I noticed the premises I longed for appeared to be semi-vacant. The following day it was completely empty and back on the market. I jumped without hesitation. And this time, I can announce that a new gallery in Wales will be officially opening in the next few days.

New year – new gallery in Wales

I signed the lease 13 days ago. Work began immediately with repairing the front display. To begin with, the wood rot was replaced with sound timber.

New Welsh gallery painted Hague Blue

Next, came painting the exterior. I am rather fond of jade, teal, aqua and turquoise as a family group of colours. But for this building, the colour sample wasn’t working. With time at a premium, a quick decision had to be made. I looked at the Farrow and Ball website for ideas. A friend suggested Hague Blue. It is perfect for this building. This new gallery in Wales is aiming for a classy look. Sophisticated metropolitan city meets intimate Welsh town.

In the meantime, attention turned to painting the interior. The greys, in particular, took several coats before everything was final because they are darker in nature.

By the way, living in Welsh Wales, it is important to feature the native language and give it equal recognition to English. Firstly, bilingual lettering appeared on the windows. Secondly, a suitable hanging system for galleries was researched and later installed. Stas gallery hanging system is a perfect choice. In addition to this, a condensation issue was also fixed. In the meantime attention to storage and organisation was finely tuned as this is also a working studio.

expressive • contemporary • modern art

Art by Osian

Art by Osian opens as a new gallery in Wales and a working studio from 10am-4pm Monday to Friday. Saturday 10pm-4pm. These are the core hours. Private appointments are welcome. Call 0800-999-1953‬ or email to discuss arrangements.

Visitors are welcome to meet the artist, chat or even watch the process of painting in real time.

Paintings by the artist are currently on show at The Mid Wales Arts Centre and Laurels Gallery.

Art by Osian 3 Short Bridge Street Llanidloes Powys Wales SY18 6AD Working Studio Public Opening hours 10 - 4 Closed Sundays

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