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Contemporary Welsh Landscape Artist

Updated: Nov 17, 2021

expressive • contemporary • modern art

Contemporary Welsh landscape artist Osian Gwent is a full-time professional artist based in mid-Wales. His expressive Welsh landscape paintings are sold around the world. Osian works from his studio and gallery in Llanidloes.

A welcoming Welsh landscape artist in his studio

expressive • contemporary • modern art

To begin with, he draws his inspiration from the surrounding landscape and completes his work back in the studio. Visitors are always made welcome to see a living Welsh landscape painter at work.

Little bit of a different post this morning! In fact, our first post that ventures out of Shropshire. Recently I had the chance to visit a contemporary Welsh landscape artist @artbyosian in Llanidloes, Mid Wales. Osian inspired me greatly in a way that I was not expecting! He is warm, welcoming and obviously extremely talented! Stepping into someone’s art studio is such a difficult feeling to describe-it’s like you’re trespassing into someone’s thought process and it’s such a unique yet beautiful feeling. A very interesting and eye opening day filled with the most beautiful artwork and some very touching stories. There is something so special about local art and artists” Roo Nicholls

A living Welsh landscape painter

Initially, Osian’s big ideas begin in his sketchbook whilst he is out on location. Next, he transfers the basic structure into the composition of the painting. Often, this is is nothing more than a few simple lines. Furthermore, he often paints several paintings at the same time. In this case, this enables him to keep his paintings fresh and alive with spontaneous energy.

Each painting begins with a grisaille underpainting. In other words, an underpainting of grey tones. This is to establish the darkest darks and the lightest lights. This all helps to add depth to the painting in the later stages. Sometimes, Osian decides to leave them as they are.

Increasing the Saturation

Next, Osian begins to block in areas of muted colour. After, he introduces a subtle range of earth colours such as burnt umber and yellow ochre, as shown below. During this stage, a transparent glaze is created by adding liquin medium to the paint. At the same time, the focus is to gradually add more and more saturation with each additional layer. Over time, the painting develops a three-dimensional appearance. Meanwhile, Osian allows room for the painting to breathe. As a result, he lets the painting decide what direction it needs to go.

Because Osian works with such energy new ideas often present themselves during the painting process. He will explore what comes up in a body of work until another idea presents itself. Therefore, Osian’s work continues to evolve from one body of work to another. He prefers to evolve rather than have a particular style which confines him.

Finally, if you want to learn more about contemporary Welsh landscape artist Osian Gwent why not follow @artbyosian on Instagram.

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