Artists working through lockdown and the pandemic

Updated: Nov 17, 2021

Elevation 4'x4' oil on canvas £6000

Seven short visits with a painting called ELEVATION

This project involves two artists working through lockdown and the pandemic. The author and writer Elizabeth Lymer teamed up with contemporary artist Osian Gwent AGSA. Elizabeth produced seven unique and eloquent responses to my painting called ELEVATION, as seen through her eyes. Elizabeth visited the gallery everyday for a week. Standing outside in the freezing cold for about an hour each day. Looking through the window and writing down her response.


Especially poignant while the pandemic continues, Osian Gwent is utilising his acute awareness of isolation, lived experiences, and raw emotions to create artworks that invite and provoke us into joyful states with the resources we have within ourselves. His paintings provide attractive safe spaces to fulfil some of our timeless needs for support doing this”. Elizabeth Lymer Writer & Author

Seven visits to a painting called Elevation

When we notice something, often we start to see it everywhere, don’t you find?


Having newly registered some information, we make a sort of pathway for similar things to consciously enter our senses.


When I’m waiting in an unfamiliar place, I like to play with seeing so that I focus on one colour at a time to spot details. After focussing on one object for its colour, everything else in my vision blurs and then matching coloured things easily pop out for attention. I’m always amazed. When I first played it, I quite zealously reported to a friend that there’s a lot more orange in the world than I’d realised.


Yet sometimes, I’m simply startled or moved unusually by a glimpse of a shape or a convergence out of my ordinary daily vocabulary. And subsequently I’m able to access what I’d been missing in various contexts. I might make this a theme for some writing. Or I might return to the connection when chatting with friends and explore it through dialogues.


In this case, with the mouths I saw in Osian’s painting, I explored the experience raw and in writing.


Do you play these games with your senses to strengthen them or to bring more information into your consciousness?


What games do you like playing with paintings?


I now hear that, mid project, I became sensitive to the window in terms of it being between me and the painting, and I questioned my position in terms of being able to see.


And I’m amused that this fits a midpoint moment in a novel or screenplay so neatly.


Recognition that I’m not who I was, and of who I intend to be.


In this case, recognition that I was not in my old comfort zone any longer and sought new comfort from my focus/aspiration to bear the journey, between me and it, to reach it.


And recognition that I intended to accept light when it’s offered to help me see through darkness.


Then, beyond the midpoint, experiencing the expansive real changes that this acceptance reaches into, and experiencing knowledge of my new best comfort. With patience. And with even more light resulting.


I love fiction structures that are based on real lived experiences, and that help me to see myself and choose my life stories, don’t you?

“I am patient for…insights to offer themselves in 3D.”


In this video, I speak of my intention and I’m not disappointed as two artists working through lockdown and the pandemic. Another uplifting visit to the painting ‘ELEVATION’ on Day 5 of 7.


One of the strengths I love about my dyslexia is three dimensional conceptualising. 🙂 With this, expecting to access knowledge three dimensionally.


We all have strengths.


And if we have a degree of visual ability, we can help ourselves to accept more knowledge, more information, by entering the Learning State.


The process.


Face ahead. Pick a spot around eye level to look at.


Stare, allowing your thoughts to come and go.


Notice, while you keep your stare focussed on that spot, your vision spreads out. Allow it. You see more in your peripheral vision than elsewhere.


Pay attention to that peripheral vision. All without moving your eyes. Notice what you can see.


Notice how you feel.


(Perhaps then enjoy, explore, and play.)


The Learning State is an excellent state to access before an activity in which you intend to gain knowledge, like studying, reading, or being fully present with someone and listening to them.


And, in my experience, as two artists working through lockdown and the pandemic, it’s a beautiful one to do with Osian Gwent’s painting ‘ELEVATION’



ELEVATION by Elizabeth Lymer


Finding God

just above where I started seeking yet wandering.

Finding lighter and lighter shades

through my murkiness returning to finding Him.


Release into beyond my perception at full strength.

Ability to return

to what may have been murky

and see brightness, lightness, distinction,

and with knowing where to find God

with a small tilt up from where I remember to look,

or when.

Emotions wondered,

trust was underlying.

And uplifting direction

was a good place

to leave until next time.



the upward wave sky greets me,

meeting me amidst the noise of traffic through puddles.

So many reflections today off the window glass,

I come closer, closer,

I am drawn to the loudest colours at the picture’s base.

I see animals of land and water,

I see the atmosphere of some time forgotten, indoors and quiet.

I discover I am searching

for the stillness between movements in all good dynamism

and I arrive

through some gentle swishing

at the yellow golden meandering path

which I choose, around and up.

My eyes follow,

I’m smiling back at the curl in the sky towards heaven,

greeting God.


A mouth, another, another.

Sliced head and a false smile.

A greasy one.

One that cuts as it moves.

And near each three,

different choices:

a softer, quieter way;

a speaking from wholeness

with brightness beaming;